Scott Sandusky – Owner/Lead Coach

Crossfit Level II Certification – Gym Owner – Lead Coach – Encourager – Teammate

“YOU GOTTA LOVE FITNESS AND PEOPLE if you want to operate a HIGH ENERGY fitness center like a CrossFit Box!” That is exactly why Scott Sandusky opened CrossFit Crib here in Kannapolis. Scott loves fitness and people, but he has a greater passion for motivating people in any endeavor of life to become better and stronger!

Scott was a high school and collegiate athlete prior to engaging in CrossFit. Having the opportunity to represent the state of Indiana as a quarterback on the football field, and playing against the Kentucky all stars in high school, Scott knows what it takes to accel. Scott also played college basketball at Florida College and ended his basketball efforts playing on an XBA Team out of Charlotte; the Queen City Slam. Scott loves team sports because of the camaraderie and the support each team member gives to one another and enjoys the end goal when you strive to achieve a common goal… But Scott also LOVES A CHALLENGE! These are what caused Scott to be so drawn to CrossFit.

Scott faced his greatest physical challenge at the age of 37, when he lost his right leg above his knee in a construction related accident. The benefits of CrossFit training, not only gave Scott the physical needs for survival, but also mental and emotional gains. These positives from CrossFit aided in his recovery.

His story is an inspiration for all other potential athletes who may consider training with us here at CrossFit Crib. As stated by Nike “if you have a heart beat, you are an athlete!” You may have fears and anxieties that are keeping you from pursuing your fitness goals, whatever they may be. But Scott’s passion for life and his genuine care for all people will be beneficial to any who join with us here at CrossFit Crib.

Additionally, Scott’s challenge of performing CrossFit without a limb gives any and all of the rest of us NO EXCUSE for not pursing our health and wellness. Whether you need a “pat on the back”, or a big hug, or someone UP IN YOUR FACE pushing you to be your best, Scott will bring any and all of these needs to the table here at CrossFit Crib!

Scott can’t wait to meet you, and show you that regardless of any inability you may have, you can pursue fitness in a fun, friendly, upbeat place like we all do here at CrossFit Crib..! Come on in and get to know Coach Scott…aka “3/4 Horse”!

Scott’s Slogan – “Strong People Live Longer and are Harder To Kill!”

The CrossFit Crib Coaching Staff

Our knowledgeable coaching team is dedicated to helping each member find their individual path to excellence by providing strong community support and highly customized workouts engineered to get to the best outcomes for each athlete.

They do this by challenging, inspiring, and motivating you to help you reach your fullest potential!

The CrossFit Crib Community

Everyone wants a place to belong! Whether that is with their family, their workplace, their church, a running club, etc. At CrossFit Crib, we strive to fill that need for all of our members.

The term “CRIB” was chosen because it represents “Home”… a “Home for Fitness”. Our members look at us like their healthy home away from home.

We invite you to join us and experience a warm and welcoming fitness family that will gladly cheer you on as you reach to attain your fitness goals. If you would like to schedule a visit or even a free trial class, send us a message using the form near the bottom of the page.